Friday, April 26, 2013

New joint. No Response. At the Nailed Magazine.

We are digging the Nailed and we very much want to thank the John Barrios for his interest in our new joint No Response. Drinks on us brother, whenever, and wherever, we can make that happen. Excerpt? Cool.

“I need to talk to you guys about something that happened on Friday,” I say as we walk to school on Monday morning.
I am holding Noah’s hand as Myles zips along beside us. I could have said something at breakfast as they wiped the sleep from their eyes and ate their cereal, but I didn’t know if they would go to school after that.
“There was a shooting at a school on Friday,” I say, “and Mommy and I want to be sure you hear about it from us and not someone else.”
No response.
“The important thing,” I continue, “is that it happened far away from here.”
I say this because we read that this is what you are supposed to say."

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