Thursday, April 18, 2013

New joint. The Collaborators: The Mad Men Guide to Raising Children. At The Good Men Project.

Truth. Mad Men, The Simpsons, LOST, children, The Good Men Project, all of it.  And big thanks to the Joanna Schroeder for that. Excerpt? Coolness.   

“I don’t think about it.”
This is Don Draper’s approach to affairs and spouses, possible dinner dates with both, and in this case with the smart girl from Freaks and Geeks, and later ER. It’s not an admirable trait, not exactly, and I suppose it implies he’s dead inside, possibly sociopathic. Though it also reflects what happens when you grow up in a whore house and watch your pregnant step-mother have sex with your “uncle,” the head rooster, through a keyhole while wearing a very bad pageboy haircut.

This also applies however, to thoughts of childhood Leukemia, school shootings, deadly porch parties, mental illness, bullying, and child sexual abuse among other things I just cannot bear to think about when it comes to parenting, which just may be the absolute worst job in the world. Because if I were to think about things, well . . .what then? I wouldn’t get out of bed that’s what.

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