Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Best. Ostdick. Vol. 1 Brooklyn. Pac-Man. Poetry Month. Yo.

Truth that. It is Poetry Month. And the Nick Ostdick is talking poetry with the BJ Best at the Vol. 1 Brooklyn. So let's hit that shall we? Indeed. Excerpt? Cool.

A dear poet friend of mine often speaks of the idea of obsession in regards to poets and the subjects of their work—that is, one idea or theme or object they keep coming back to for further exploration. Is it fitting to say that video games function as one of your obsessions?
I’m not sure what divides the line between “obsession” and “intense interest,” but I think video games are the latter for me.  Or, if they’re an obsession, they’re one of several. But I did find video games fascinating to write about.  One reason is simply that they are so overlooked, and written off as brain-rotting ephemera. But more importantly, video games—and in particular classic video games—are flat-out weird, and it’s easy to forget that.  What is a Pac-Man, and why is he haunted by ghosts? The fauna of The Legend of Zelda is equally nonsensical. And the cool thing is that any of these details can be a trigger to develop a poem.

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