Sunday, March 3, 2013

This Book Will Change Your Life - The Blue Kind by Kathryn Born.

There are drug tales where the stories are fueled by binge, violence, and desperation, sordid, and sad, and filled with characters who will do anything for their next high. Some are cautionary tales. Others a celebration of what it means to exist at bottom, all hand to mouth, yet still romantic and full of color. The Blue Kind by Kathryn Born has some of all of this in its Requiem for Dream-like shadings. But it something else as well. More than something. Some things maybe. First, it spins its tale through a druggy Sci Fi dreamscape that would make Darren Aronofsky smile. And second, The Blue Kind speaks to how the drug trade works and feels, the trade-offs and misogyny, the endless enabling and co-dependance, and the willingness to kill that which we love for one more chance to make a killing, even as you unsuccessfully, and repeatedly, try to avoid using your own stuff. The Blue Kind is knowing in these ways, even if we don't know quite what's real, what's drug-induced, or what's going to ultimately change the lives of the characters, or the choices they make

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