Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New joint. Bed Sex. At The Weeklings.

It is, we are, and big thanks to the Greg Olear and Robin Antalek for that. Excerpt? Cool.

“And so that’s bed sex?” he says.
“That’s sex,” you say, “or intercourse.”
“Bed sex?” he says again.
“You know sweetie,” you say, “all sex is bed sex, because most of the time you are in a bed, not always, but most of the time.”
Oh shit, I needed to stop sooner than that, yo.
“So you’re not always in a bed?” he says
“I don’t think we need to cover that today,” you say, “but do you have any more questions about conception?”
“Can you have sex standing-up,” he says, ignoring you.
It sort of depends on the angle, and height, you don’t say, trying not to think about Less Than Zero and Robert Downey Jr. banging Jamie Gertz in that alley.

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