Thursday, January 24, 2013

This Book Will Change Your Life - This Isn't Who We Are by Barry Graham.

Work. Travel. Read. We did. Today. Totally. On a plane. On a train. In a cab. And quite This Isn't Who We Are by Barry Graham we were. We also mistakenly dug into a massive, freakishly fast, tomato-laden Jimmy John's sub while reading Whatsoever A Man Soweth or Bloody Mary. But more on that later. We have always thought of the Barry Graham as our Poet Laureate of prostitutes and tacos. We have also thought that as the tacos, prostitutes, gambling, broken homes, violence, and abuse mashed into one another in all their sordid, Graham glory, that what lay beneath was a writer trying to capture all the ways we love and how terribly wrong it all goes as we desperately, and sweatily try to get it and hold on to it. With This Isn't Who We Are Graham continues his sweaty, taco-ridden, rampage through relationships of all kinds.  But in doing so, he introduces a new wrinkle to his work, a wrinkle, which in retrospect was probably there all along, a sense of horror. With Whatsoever A Man Soweth or Bloody Mary, there is a bluntness to the horror, but it's there throughout the collection, more subtle, but endlessly lurking, the horror of loss, of families imploded, of mental illness, and love gone explosively wrong. Or if you prefer, the world according to Graham meets American Horror Story. So do grab yourself a taco, if not a sub, and do hit it, it just might change your life.       

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