Monday, January 28, 2013

This Book Will Change Your Life - Fight Song by Joshua Mohr.

We are sitting here thinking it is time to become Joshua Mohr completists. And we say this not just because Mohr is one of our great storytellers. Though he is, and that alone would be reason enough. No, we say this because as we read his new release Fight Song we realized we haven't actually read one of his joints since Some Things That Mean The World To Me, and damn if these aren't some very different books. Things was all twisty and druggy and pain, and Fight Song is all mid-life and struggle and family. And yet both are quite trippy and full of searching characters who don't see that the answers they seek lie somewhere within. Which is to say that while thematically the stories aren't so very apart maybe, Mohr has dramatically changed the settings, context, and stakes, as all good storytellers do. Which is also to say that we are left wondering what happened in Mohr's Termite Parade and Damascus, and where, and now need to read them. Which when we do, will leave us as full-on Mohr completists. See what we did there? Nice. All that said, please do hit the Fight Song, it just might change your life.

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