Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year. New joint. Younger. At the SPARTAN. Yo.

It's true. We are Younger. We are quite thrilled. And we are big thanks to the Ross McMeekin and the whole SPARTAN crew for all of that. Now how about some excerpt? Cool.

"MAYBE YOUR DAD was right, your wife says as the two of you sit at the kitchen table one Sunday morning, the half-eaten pancakes laying there in a pool of coagulating syrup, The New York Times scattered everywhere, the boys off in the back, screaming, crying, shouting, fighting, all of it, and endlessly at that.
   You sit there for a moment trying to figure out what your father might have been right about. He was a smart guy and full of unsolicited, though at times useful advice, but what could he have said that applies here, and now?
   Yeah, you say, about what, how you should never pee off of the back of a truck into the wind? That was sound advice, you think, though clearly stolen from On the Road.
   Your wife laughs her throaty Brenda Vaccaro laugh.
   No, that other thing, she says."

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