Monday, January 21, 2013

New joint. Your Destiny Lies With Me, Skywalker. At The Good Men Project.

New joint indeed. And most thankful we are to the always beautiful Robert Duffer and The Good Men Project for running with it. Excerpt? Cool.   

"Star Wars is a touchstone for me, even more so as a parent. It represents childhood. Watching it is one of my favorite memories, and yet as popular as it was, it also represents how I was different at one time before I molded myself into something else, something more conformist, and something that involved moving away from comic books and movies like Star Wars, instead choosing to focus on becoming a varsity athlete, getting high, and chasing popular girls.

And while I may have just outgrown whatever Star Wars had once meant to me, I wonder what I gave up along the way, and I find that I am having a battle with myself about who I am, was, and will be, all of which plays into being a parent as well.

For one, it’s me wanting my children to want to experience these movies because they meant so much to me and I want them to mean something to them, something that will allow us to connect in some fashion, but also because it might give them more insight into why I do the things I do, and maybe not now, but later, when they’re trying to figure out who I am, was, and what that means to who they are, and will be."

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