Sunday, December 23, 2012

There is Dads & Families Daddy Cool interview.

It's true, we are talking Daddy Cool with the Bradley and the Duffer at the THE GOOD MEN PROJECT, it is most beautiful, and we are most appreciative. Excerpt? Yes. Done. Word.

GMP: Why are you enamored with dad writers?

Ben: I think it’s about seeking, or building, a sense of community when writing can be so isolating. Especially when you have a day job as I do that has nothing to do with writing. When you’re a parent, which can be a further disconnect. Community is so important, connection, reducing isolation, sharing, all of it, and seeking people who have something in common with you is such a big part of that. For me that’s dad writers, regardless of what they do otherwise.

Ryan: I ran a children’s bookstore for two years, and that was my real education in the medium. Until then I was really dismissive of books for kids. Then the deeper I plunged into fatherhood I realized nothing I write is appropriate for kids, and naturally I want to share my passion with my children. I wrote a middle grade novel for my stepson and then a short story (which will be in Daddy Cool) and I’ve bandied about some picture book ideas. I think the coolest part of the idea was that it was a chance for all of us to share our writing with our kids for a change.

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