Thursday, December 6, 2012

New joint. Is Anybody Out There. At the Metazen.

It's true. And it's much appreciated. So thank you to whole Metazen crew for that. Excerpt? Cool.

"Arguably, it’s easier to picture killing your wife, your children and yourself, than actually leaving them, which somehow seems much more destructive and impossible on the face of it.

You recognize that this is how things go wrong in those dark indie movies that Sundance loves. Someone makes a decision just like that. They choose murder over merely opening a door and walking away forever because in getting caught up in the throes of something they can’t figure out, all of that just seems easier.

But this isn’t Sundance and you know that you definitely aren’t killing anyone or going anywhere, that you and your wife are in this together until the end, bloody or otherwise."

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