Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dan Coxon is Daddy Cool. And KICKSTARTER love.

For real. Here. Lovely. Yes. Not to mention some Coxon excerpt.

"Kickstarter has been used to instigate all kinds of projects over the last few years, from jewelry lines to movies. It has also become a great option for independent publishers looking to get new projects off the ground. As Penguin and Random House merge, and other mergers loom on the horizon, it’s good to know that the Indie presses can still survive in an increasingly cutthroat industry. Artistically Declined Press is one of those small indie publishers, and they’re currently Kickstarting their latest project: “An Anthology of Writing by Fathers, for and about Kids”. The idea is simple but unique, bringing together a host of literary talent to write about the one thing that’s dearest to their hearts – their children. Many of the contributing authors are renowned for their adult fiction rather than kids’ literature, and the collection promises to include some truly unique stories for fathers and children alike."

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