Saturday, November 17, 2012

These Books Will Change Your Life - Every Laundromat In The World by Mel Bosworth and Hank & Jules by Jason Fisk.

The books arrive at the same time. Landing as it were in our mailbox as if traveling together. And we quite dig the synchronicity of that. We don't know that Mel Bosworth and Jason Fisk even know each other. But in our head they go together regardless. It seems that they entered our lives at the same time, full bore and intimate. That we were all getting started and trying to do something else and new. That they were, and are, so good and right, and so attractive with their joy and intensity, short hair, big grins, and bearded mugs. They are both full of love as well, but with an endless roiling history lurking behind their eyes. And they of course are write. Always write. Telling stories that search for things, love and understanding, and relationships that want to cohere in some fashion, despite the damage, abuse, confusion and distance that their characters struggle with and through. To say then that their writing is them is clear and true, and to say we love them for who they are, what they represent to us, and how they do what they with story would be understatement.  

So here we are then, Every Laundromat In The World by the Bosworth, a collection ridden with short, tight, bursts of poem about how we live from moment to moment as small things become big things that look like a life, and all this from a writer we have thought of in terms of fiction, and Hank & Jules from the Fisk, who we once thought of as a poet, despite his protestations otherwise, continuing to work more directly in the realm of short fictions as he tells his knowing stories of lives full of pain and love, and things slowly gone wrong even though should not need to, should they? We'd say not, but to do so is to ignore what life is, compromises and sadness, punctuated by moments of insight and love. To also say that we are unabashedly Bosworth Fisk completists is understatement as well, but we are thrilled to see both of them continue to write and push and grow, and possibly, maybe yes, even change lives along the way.

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