Friday, November 9, 2012

Fathers. Sleep. Death. NAS. New joint. At The Good Men Project.

New joint indeed. And most thankful we are to the always beautiful Robert Duffer and The Good Men Project for running with it. Excerpt? Cool.  

"I have always preferred to quote NAS when it comes to sleep, as in, “sleep is the cousin of death,” but that may not be so accurate. I don’t fear sleep, and I don’t worry that sleep is too similar to death to embrace or befriend it.

I didn’t think much about death until my father died and I began tussling with his ghostly presence at every turn. Or before I became a father myself and started trying not to think about death and all the irrational ways my children might face it, Leukemia, porch parties, school shootings, errant cabdrivers, IEDs, and on and on and on.

The issue of sleep started early for us as parents. We decided to cry our son out. The family bed wouldn’t work for us, I who didn’t sleep for so long, and wasn’t going to add any additional hurdles to that battle. Not more than necessary anyway."

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