Monday, October 8, 2012

We are Fan Mail.

Or more accurately, This Podcast Will Change Your Life is fan mail, because we are Bushnell certainly, and Baiocco definitely, possibly our best new friend ever, who we plan to most happily buy many drinks for, whenever, and however, we next meet, yes.

"My name's Rich Baiocco and I just came across your podcast with the poet Mike Bushnell, and thought it was absolutely fantastic! Probably that Podcast Will (Maybe Already//Or Is Going To) Change My Life. You ask really thoughtful questions, and the flow was great even with the walking part and the 'friends leaving' part. Mike's video of 'Cellular Gospel' really blew me away. I hope he finds a publisher for his new work--it's really captivating, and like you said so well: "It punches". I didn't know about your podcast before this, but I look forward to listening to more. Really great stuff."

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