Tuesday, September 4, 2012

John Reed. Snowball's Chance. September 11th. Christopher Hitchens. Critical Mob. And Questions.

Excited we are to see the John Reed talking the most excellent Snowball's Chance tenth anniversary, September 11th and Christopher Hitchens at the Critical Mob. So do hit that. Now how about some excerpt? Word.

CM: Snowball's Chance has been in print for ten controversial years. What impression do you think it has left on readers and critics?

JR: On the one hand, people talk to me about Snowball all the time. They say they've read it, and seem to know what it's about. On the other hand, I very often realize that this person who says he/she read Snowball has not read it or even seen it. I don't know what to make of that. Snowball, to me, has always been a terrible heartbreak.

In terms of the writing itself, when I looked at Snowball -- right around the time of the first talk of this new edition -- I found the novel made absolutely no sense at all. I called James Sherry, the original publisher, and asked him what that meant. He said, "John, that means you wrote it." In terms of the allegory, alas, I'm afraid the decade has only made me more self-assured.

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