Sunday, August 19, 2012

This Book Will Change Your Life - Americas by Jason Lee Norman.

We read Americas by the Jason Lee Norman and we have questions. Is there a lack of whimsy in the lit world today or have we just missed those books? Which is not to say the Americas does not have some darkness or sadness, but it is whimsy that rules the page as Norman leaps and twists amongst the twenty-two countries that comprise the Americas, writing a country by country account filled with tears, Stand By Me, and Paul Newman, in language both light and clean. Also, can it be considered not positive in any way to describe something as delightful, because these pieces are full of endless jolts of delight, but can we say that and not sound like we are in any way minimizing Norman's talents, we hope not, and we think not, but feel free to correct us if we're wrong. Finally, we wondered if there was any truth to any of what we read? Did Norman draw on any truths in any fashion, even folklore as truth, as he whimsically, and yes delightfully, toured this world, a true world, filled with true countries? Because yes, maybe, they seemed like there could be some truth, there, somewhere, possibly, and yet, we weren't sure, and we could check, but with so much whimsy and delight happening, why do so, where would that get us? Nowhere, nowhere we need to be anyway. We're already in Norman's world, and it not only works just fine, it just may change your, our, someone's, life along the way.   

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