Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bomer. Nine Months. The Atlantic. Review. Interview. Goodness.

Massive ridiculous goodness. And some excerpt. Cool? Totally.

"There is a strong element of satire in Nine Months. Bomer scrutinizes grim parental impulses, but does so with a phenomenal comedic pace. The lead character of Sonia is fully formed, at once over-the-top, entirely human, and thoroughly relatable. Supporting characters--neurotic parents slavishly following the latest medical or pop-psychological study on how to create the Perfect Kid--only make Sonia more sympathetic. No doubt, Bomer's skillfulness with characterization comes from her thriving career as a short fiction writer. (Baby & Other Stories, one of her earlier collections, delves into themes similar to Nine Months.) Indeed, her style and tone evokes the early works of Roddy Doyle--The Snapper immediately springs to mind--which is itself exciting because it suggests Bomer will soon be evoking Doyle's later masterworks."

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