Friday, July 13, 2012

This Book Will Change Your Life - The Second Most Dangerous Job In America by Steve Himmer.

We are so not sure how we missed the release of Steve Himmer's Atticus Shorts mini-ebook The Second Most Dangerous Job In America, but we did. We also read it and blurbed it, see below, and we are happy to report that it changed our lives. We believe it may just change your life as well. So please do hit that. Like now. Well done.

"From outward appearances Steve Himmer has it all going on. Best-selling author. Loving family. A beautiful head of hair. And yet, despite, or maybe, in spite of all this, with The Second Most Dangerous Job In America, Himmer continues to stake his claim as the writer most attuned to how the intersection of isolation and work not only comes to define our identity, but shapes it and warps it and by extension also defines the state of the world today."

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