Monday, June 18, 2012

We are so The New York Stories Tour 2012. Day One. We are also Mourning Goats. And Szumowski.

It's so on. CCLaP. Szumowski. The New York Stories. Day One. More here. Much more. And Mourning Goats. Excerpt maybe? Sweet. 

You've worked with quite a few publishers, how have they all been? Is there a favorite?
What's next, should I tell you who my favorite member of the X-Men is, well, its Wolverine, or the Knicks maybe,Patrick Ewing of course, because I won't, normally, but overall all of the publishers been great to work with for different reasons. All have different strengths and interests. Jason Pettus and CCLaP with his e-genius, Ryan Bradley and Artistically Declined with his mad Chip Kiddian skills, Jason Behrends and Orange Alert, with his insane indie network cred. So all good, really, though ultimately my favorite is clear of course, whoever publishes me next and gets my book optioned and introduces me to Diane Lane, that's my favorite.

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