Friday, June 1, 2012

"ON THE MORNING OF BEN TANZER, 2012 (notes from a fortune-telling)." Or if you prefer, a view and a yell, and some most beautious Tomaloffian Ben Tanzer birthday fiction.

Most beautious it is. And something else, more, more than appreciated, more than moving, just more. Thanks bro.


In the last photograph from the bottom right-hand corner, a man holds a camera pointed in the direction of the man of the hour. You move your head. The wall behind you appears. On this wall, backwards in your view, is a banner produced using a dot matrix printer in the summer of 1986. You do not recognize anything else on this wall. The banner reads, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEN. YOUR FUTURE IS EVERY POSSIBLE CONNOTATION OF THE WORDS HAND & GRENADE."

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