Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New joint. Ding. Barrelhouse. Spring 2012 Online Issue.

Very geeked to have our new joint Ding in the most excellent Barrelhouse Spring 2012 Online Issue, which is not only edited by the always stellar Tom Williams, but contains an array of fine writers we love, including, but not limited to the Molly Gaudry and Jesus Angel Garcia. Now, how about some excerpt? Word.

"If there is a problem, yo, I’ll resolve it, check out the hook while my DJ revolves it.

It has always been about love, seriously, straight up, love of music, love of words, language, telling stories and making people happy, all up on their feets and loving life. And I do love everyone, even the haters, the liars, the disparagers and those big pimpin’ motherfuckers who will do anything to bring someone down the second they get any kind of props.

Which is why I never got it, I don’t get it and never will. I can’t fathom it really, truthfully, none of it. Some of y’all will say I’m not willing to get it, that the shit is obvious, obvious to everyone but me. But to that I say, why am I a joke? I didn’t kill no ones, I didn’t rape no ones, I didn’t lie and I didn’t steal. I kept it real yo, legit.

So what up?"

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Pete said...

Nice. You'll be amused to know that Ice was partly responsible for the demise of Tuckaway Tavern in Joliet. The bar was located on a main highway but bordered a residential area, and had recurring noise complaints from the neighbors. Ice played a show at Tuckaway's outdoor beer garden in the early 2000s (far into the downside of his career, obviously) that was so ear-splittingly loud and profane that it put the neighbors into a huge uproar. They vehemently complained to the liquor commission, and the bar ended up losing its live entertainment license. Without live shows it was soon no longer viable as a bar, and briefly converted to a banquet facility which quickly failed. The owners sold the property, which was demolished and is now the site of a strip mall.