Saturday, March 17, 2012

This Book Will Change Your Life - Broken Piano for President by Patrick Wensink.

The Wensink. Where to start? Lives in Kentucky. Which seems important. Daddy-cool. Definitely important. Author of quasi-bizzaro, near punk literature. Intriguingly important. Which we hope is important, and a real word, though is definitely important to us regardless. And we say this because we want to somehow capture what its like to find yourself caught up in a new author, who writes in a genre, you might not neccessarily read, and cranks out books you might not have necessarily encountered, but now you do, and have, and it feels like a discovery of sorts, something new you want to own. Sometimes that author is well along the way in their career and you pick through their work, seeking out themes, and highlights, which for you is exciting and fresh, and other times, they are new and fresh and finding their voice, and the Wensink falls in the latter category, and this too can be exciting, because you see the voice taking form, emerging and happening right in front of you. Which brings us to Broken Piano for President and the blurb we were most honored to provide and have only slightly altered here for your life-changing consumption.

"The last time we drank with Hemingway, wait sorry, it was not Hemingway, it was Jackie Collins. Anyway, the last time we drank with Jackie Collins she said to us that writing is not like dating in that when you write you have to commit. Every sentence. Every pause. Every juke, joke and feint has to mean something. This is especially true with absurdist writing, because what's on the page is not what you know to be right. Which doesn't make it wrong. Just warped. And different. Which is a good way to describe the endlessly fertile mind of Patrick Wensink. Warped. And different. In a good way certainly. We think. Maybe. Regardless, he commits to his stories and his vision of the world, from book to book and breath and breath, and with Broken Piano for President he not only continues to break fresh Wensinkian ground, he continues to find his voice, a warped voice surely, but one uniquely his own. And yes, we just dropped the phrase Wensinkian there, which we now here by officially claim as our own. Trademark pending of course. And Pat Riley be damned."  

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