Monday, February 6, 2012

Wherein we riff on death, tonic, research and My Father's House at the Necessary Fiction.

Big thanks to the Necessary Fiction for letting us talk death and My Father's House as part of their "Research Notes" series. Please do enjoy, though we recognize that may so not be the right descriptor. And now for some excerpt. 

"I suppose one could ask what kind of research one has to do when they write about death, or maybe more accurately, why would they even want to? Where’s the gain there? None really. I don’t think. Maybe it’s even better not to do so. There are other, better milestones to write about and research certainly. Like losing your virginity for example. It may not be pleasurable, or fun, it may even be scary, something you regret, and wish you could take back. But there will be other chances to at least get sex right, or better, or you can even choose not to at all after that. It worked for Morrissey. Initially anyway."

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