Monday, February 27, 2012

What the Ryan W. Bradley talks about when he talks about "When Publishing a Book Becomes More than Publishing a Book" and You Can Make Him Like You at The Lit Pub.

And what he talks about, and how he talks about it, is quite wonderful, and we suppose it adds a different sort of heft to the book for us, makes it realer, maybe, or something like that. But whatever it is, it is wonderful, and we appreciate it. A lot. Now how about some excerpt? 

"People often talk about “women’s fiction,” books that speak to women about their lives and mindsets, while entertaining them. Tanzer writes the very best kind of men’s fiction, and I don’t use such a label chauvinistically. Tanzer writes about every aspect of a man, whether flattering or not. He does it with soul, and that’s what makes people gravitate toward his writing and his personality. It’s why his books appeal to both men and women. It is what makes him the best sort of friend and brother from another mother, because What Would Tanzer Do? wouldn’t be a bad credo for any of us as writers or people."

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