Friday, December 16, 2011

What we talk about when we talk about J. Bradley talking about us and more specifically You Can Make Him Like You and So Different Now.

It is true that we are having a good week. It is also true that we unabashedly love the painfully tweaky poetic awesomeness that is J. Bradley, both a multiple contributor to This Zine Will Change Your Life and a This Podcast Will Change Your Life podcastee. And it is definitely true that we are endlessly biased and subjective when it comes to that which we love, particularly when we lose ourselves in our own boundless self-love. Still, in Bradley's recent post "On Dancing On Graves" regarding his new and very kind serialized novella Dancing with Steinbrenner, he takes a moment to riff on our work this past year, which when somehow coupled with Bradley's impetus for writing the new novella left us feeling quite moved, even teary, happiness and sadness wrapped-up into one contorted ball of slightly hard to grasp emotion, though clearly a weird mix of pride, loss, appreciation and feeling paternal. In other words we were having a J. Bradley moment and it was wonderful. Thanks brother, drinks soon on us, and now how about some excerpt? Goodness.

"Ben Tanzer’s latest collection So Different Now through CCLaP Publishing is so fucked up and dark and awesome, an antithesis to my favorite book of 2011, his novel You Can Make Him Like You. So Different Now is a gorgeous e-book and it’s worth kicking in a little money for. You can check out more information about it here."    

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