Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This Book Will Change Your Life - The Failure by James Greer.

Travel. Work. Planes. Trains. Read. More read. And The Failure by James Greer. Not just read, consumed, and struck by how little we must read about Los Angeles. We say this why, because as we read it we didn't think books, we thought movies, The Limey with less grime, Leaving Las Vegas, sort of, the bars for sure, Shortcuts, sans the ensemble, Magnolia, totally, but with more humor, and we'll come back to the humor, promise, and Exit Through the Gift Shop, yes, too. We know what we think know about Los Angeles, we the staff here at TBWCYL, Inc. headquarters, and we the royal we, Chicago is humble and friendly, New York is aggressive and on the make, and Los Angeles, arty, relaxed, slacker and sunny, both exterior and interior all at the same time. And The Failure hits all that, and gets all noir, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang comes to mind, death and mystery, though not so much death or so much mystery, because ultimately it's about story and journey, jammed with quick, tight chapters, that befit a journalist turned author and screenwriter. The Failure is always moving forward, even as it moves backward, so yes Pulp Fiction as well, and filled with humor, absurdist really, and such a nice surprise because humor seems to be missing in so much of literature these days. Regardless, The Failure is charging and fun, and a reminder that Los Angeles may be just what we think it is, but that whole association is from the movies, and so maybe we need to find some more Los Angeles based authors and novels, maybe, and maybe we need to thank James Greer for that, and maybe you will too, when you read it, consume it, and it just maybe changes your life as well.     

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