Saturday, November 26, 2011

This Book Will Change Your Life, Part Two - Carry Each His Burden by James Goertel.

Not work. Travel. Read. Drink Gin & Tonics. More read. Goertel. As in Carry Each His Burden by James Goertel. If a shiny, unused heart and In Great Company which we were riffing on earlier today are all about thought and words and torrents of language coming at you in an overwhelmingness of language, Carry Each His Burden is something else all together different, a series of semi-not so short, short stories, that are all muscle and brine, stories about artists as thieves and hunters, meth heads and blue collar guys all of whose mistakes and poor decisions compound on one another inviting not just further mistakes and poor decisions, but revenge, and death, always death by someone's hand other than their own, but not always that either, not totally. These are stories about loss and being men, though not good men certainly. These men are id and ego, roughness, and reminiscent of the men Andre Dubus the elder, definitely, and maybe even the III as well, we need to read some of his work, sketched so well and in such a nuanced way. Carry Each His Burden is Goertel's debut and it is lived-in and alive and we greatly look forward for what is to come. We should add here, that we are heavily talking dudes and dude writers here today, something we are most cognizant of, so please note that we will next be moving onto B-Sides and Brokenhearts by Caryn Rose and Solace in So Many Words, edited by Ellen Wade Beals, because some balance is most definitely most required post haste and hence will be rectified shortly.     

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Anonymous said...

Ben, such kind and wonderful words concerning Carry Each His Burden. Even more to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend. All the best - James