Monday, October 24, 2011

Other People with Brad Listi. Digging it.

Quite digging it really. Other People with Brad Listi is the new literary podcast from Brad Listi, obviously, and The Nervous Breakdown, and it is quite fun indeed. During the weekend when we decided to riff on the Other People today we even thought we might favorably compare it to WTF with Marc Maron, with its interview by way of personal quirks and needs, yet still targeted questioning of interesting writerly types who are more than happy to share once prodded, but apparently those squirelly bastards at McSweeney's went all Inception, entered our brains, and beat us to the punch. So none of that. But digging it, yes. We particularly enjoyed the episode with the Fathermucker himself Greg Olear, but our favorite thus far, the Jessica Anya Blau, for sure, crazy pants awesome that, and her. Meanwhile, this post might be perceived by some as not only celebrating something we're digging, but a sort of sneaky and hidden agenda-like effort to get Brad Listi's attention and somehow score an invitation to be a guest on the Other People. Let's be clear then, we are digging it, a lot, but have not interest in being sneaky at all. We would totally dig an invitation. Good. Done. Though please note, that none of you may have been thinking any of this, hence adding a sort of, albeit, anti-sort of sneakiness to this whole thread. All that said, do check it out regardless, because the Other People is great fun and will most definitely change your life.


Greg said...

Yes, get Tanzer on the show, Brad! He's funny!

And thanks for the props, my man.

TBWCYL, Inc. said...

Word. This is like Betty White on SNL, the Redux. Meanwhile, you are most welcome sir, and big thanks to you as well, for this, and for all you do.