Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cubicle Dad Runs. The interview.

Quite awesome we think for TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer to be interviewed about dadding and running by the quite cool Cubicle Dad Runs blog for their Dads Who Run series. It is also a nice bookend we think to the recent interview he got to do at We Who Are About To Die about dadding and writing as part of their We Who Are About To Breed series. Either way, however, big thanks to the Cubicle Dad himself, and drinks on us for sure, and Gatorade as needed, whenever and wherever we get a chance to meet-up. Now for some excerpt.

What are your running goals?

Keep breathing. Ignore all the people passing me. Get out 3-4 times Monday - Friday, 1-2 times over the weekend. Run a minimum of 30 minutes with one run per week of at least an hour. Don't hate myself. Ignore the constant pain in my arthritic right knee. Lower my 5K time every year. Never look at my stomach or run shirtless. Mostly in that order.

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