Friday, September 2, 2011

We Who Are About To Breed. The Tanzer edition.

We so enjoy the We Who Are About To Breed series and are thrilled that TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer has been invited to participate. Big thanks to the always stellar and massively attractive We Who Are About To Die for the opportunity, please enjoy some excerpt below and please do take a look.

5. Tell us something we don’t know about you and being a writer-slash-parent.

I don’t know if this interesting, but for a long time, much of my early life into early adulthood I don’t recall being interested in being or doing anything beyond maybe being a good athlete and definitely trying to get laid. That took up much of the time and the space in my brain, though I did make room for insomnia, compulsively reading and running, and then later consuming massive amounts of alcohol and drugs as well. As that space cleared in my head, however, and as the drug and alcohol use lessened, I realized just how much I really wanted to write, that I had been sort of thinking about it for a long time, and getting started took awhile, years, but I got less scared and I got started, and just after I got started, my wife and I decided to have children, and that didn’t take any time really, but in both cases, I ultimately went from nothing to something, quickly, and in both cases the experience and feelings related to the acts of writing and parenting and parenting and writing have been transformative. It’s a new and different life, and that other life, had been pretty good, mostly, and happy, mostly, but this, this is better, better than better maybe, okay, much better, and just as cheesy as it sounds.

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