Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Undulations. Torn Pages. And the Used Furniture Review.

Most happy we are to have the "Undulations" running in quite glorious Used Furniture Review. This piece was initially created for, and appeared in mostly this form, at the also glorious Torn Pages show and we most appreciate all involved in both places for giving it life and re-life. Now how about some excerpt? Glorious.

"The boy read his books and played his games. 

He talked to the flight attendant and drank Ginger Ale.

He looked out the window and watched the endless mountains, rivers and fields pass by. 

He listened to the steady hum of the plane and he slowly grew more and more tired.

At first the boy fought to stay awake, blinking his eyes and squirming to and fro in his seat. But he soon lost the battle, falling into the deepest sleep he’d had in months.

When he awoke, the boy saw that the plane had entered some clouds and was now enveloped in their puffy, swirling awesomeness."

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