Friday, September 9, 2011

This Book Will Change Your Life - Daddy's by Lindsay Hunter.

Where to begin with Daddy's by the Lindsay Hunter. The focus on bodily fluids, junk food, damaged dads, dented relationships and sexuality, be it burgeoning, sad or desperate? The always tight, if not taut, writing and craftsmanship? The singular voice? Maybe the latter, because voice is a big part of the Lindsay Hunter experience, but not just voice in terms of language, rhythm and realism, though that's all there, but Lindsay's actual voice, and live readings, which is not to brag or maybe imply you cannot enjoy her work if you have not seen her read, as much as to say, once you have seen Lindsay read, her voice, and all her crazy, smiley, funny, sexy energy haunts the words on the page like few other writers we have had the chance to see read, save the Scott McClanahan maybe, who's sexy as well, but more importantly inhabits his words, owning them and imbuing them with his very McClanahanness. Hunter is much the same, a gifted writer, and terrific performer, who's work can be thrilling on the page, but absolutely soars on stage, all unbound and frenetic.  

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