Sunday, September 18, 2011

Connotation Press. The Bradley. Quasi-self indulgence. And Interview Sundays. Part One.

Yes, true, that, the quite terrific Meg Tuite and Connotation Press talked Prize Winners with the Ryan W. Bradley this week, which can only mean one thing, Interview Sundays are back, we are most geeked, we think you might want to take a look and we are even providing some excerpt because we are good like. 

The title story, “Prize Winners,” is the one we are publishing and quite a powerful and memorable story. What was your inspiration for this story?

To me it feels shamefully obvious that I was reading Aimee Bender when I wrote this story, but it probably wouldn’t necessarily come to mind for others, so I’ve ruined the romance of it now. I don’t remember much about what spurred the story other than that when I read something I really like I often have an urge to write my version of that story. So, in this case I had read some Aimee Bender and thought, “what would my version of an Aimee Bender story be?”

Originally it had a much more Bender-esque ending (which I just now re-read for the first time since it was changed), but in revisions the ending changed to its current version, which is much more consistent with my style, if I have what can be considered a style.

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