Thursday, August 4, 2011

James Greer. Metazen. Book excerpt. Wonderbar.

New BFF and renowned author and musician James Greer has an excerpt of his new novel The Ordinary Rendition of Caeli Fax up at the always fine Metazen and we think this is most kind indeed. We also think some excerpt of said excerpt is in order. Cool? Agreed.

"It’s odd, thought Caeli Fax, that at this time and in this place “hearing voices” should be a sign of mental illness. Most of history would have made of you a prophet or a poet. Most of history would have genuflected before you. Which, frankly, can become tiresome. The life of an oracle is not for me. You can’t go anywhere. You have no privacy. Everyone is always asking questions. The wrong questions, or worse, questions without an answer, or with so many answers you have to just pick one at random."

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