Sunday, August 21, 2011

Interview Sundays are back. Teaser. Cobalt.

True it's only a teaser for now, but the young upstart literary magazine Cobalt recently conducted an interview with TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer and in preparation for its most imminent release has rolled-out an interview teaser, and yes, management believes even a teaser interview question ought to qualify for the highly coveted Interview Sundays slot, which we thought we would share with you. Please do hit the Cobalt blog for the full answer, please do keep an eye out for the full interview and please do enjoy some excerpt below.

Cobalt: You’re a busy man. You work in the nonprofit sector, you are constantly changing people’s lives through your blog, and you have a family to come home to every night. How do you find the time to write at the great capacity that you do?

Ben Tanzer:
Ball bearings are crucial. As is cloning, polygamy, and, like my great hero Korczak Ziolkowski procreating at as great a rate as possible so as to generate as many assistants as I can to work in substandard conditions for nominal rates of pay. Mainly though I seek to keep the fat in my schedule, i.e., Soap marathons and the like; the doubt in my head and any drifting towards preciousness to a minimum; while simultaneously stoking and embracing any and all compulsive desires to write the things I’m thinking about at as maximum a level as I can...

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