Friday, June 10, 2011

You Can Make Him Like You gets some nice shout-out from Greg Olear and Tom Williams respectively.

Big thanks to TBWCYL, Inc. favorites Greg Olear and Tom Williams for their respective You Can Make Him Like You shout-outs.

, Greg has included You Can Make Him Like you on his list of 10 Great Fathers Day Books at The Olive Reader - The Weblog of Harper Perennial. The line-up is stellar, Hornby, Perrotta, Almond, et. al., and the inclusion much appreciated.

"Tanzer’s protagonist, Keith, is sort of the target audience for the beer commercials they run during football games. But in the end, Tanzer does make us like him. This one is told in short, pop culture-rich passages that makes for perfect bathroom reading."

And second, Tom talked You Can Make Him Like You during his interview at the Recommended Reading blog.

last book you finished in a single sitting

It's fairly recent and it's Ben Tanzer's
You Can Make Him Like You--the novel combines both an interesting subject matter/plot and the kind of treatment (short, intense chapters, each almost a story on its own) that kept it in my hands on a fairly long flight from Austin to DC.

Again, big thanks to you both, and drinks on us, for sure, when next we meet.

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