Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Providence Charleston Cousins Taylor Books You Can Make Him Like You This American Life Nerves of Steel West Virginia podcast photo essay wrap-up.

Barry Graham, Ben Tanzer, Scott McClanahan and Angel Babies

We were Providence for the Cousins Reading Series with the William Walsh and Laura Cherry, as well as, Timothy Gager and Ray Charbonneau. We Were Taylor Books and You Can Make Him Like You. We were Nerves of Steel West Virginia with the Barry Graham, Scott McClanahan, Jay Hill and sublime Harold Ray. And now we are home, photo essay and Nerves of Steel podcast in hand. Rejoice. And enjoy.

Ray Charbonneau, Ben Tanzer and Timothy Gager

Laura Cherry and William Walsh

Taylor Books - Charleston, WV

Harold Ray

Jay Hill and Ben Tanzer

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