Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some most generous The Nervous Breakdown self-interview and excerpt.

The fine crew at The Nervous Breakdown has already been most kind to You Can Make Him Like You with a much appreciated review by TBWCYL, Inc. favorite Nik Korpon, and they are now running both an excerpt and a Self-Interview, and yes, that does mean Interview Sundays are back. It also means big thanks to the sublime Gina Frangello for pulling all this together. Now, what does it mean for you though? It means enjoyment. We hope. And excerpt. For sure. So please do enjoy, and please do excerpt, and please do keep being you, because we love that about you.

Is it true that you have an amazingly small carbon footprint?

It is if that's not an euphemism for something else.

No, never, this is a family site.

Word. Why do you bring this up then?

I think its good to open with some humor, and maybe even empathy, its more endearing and draws the reader into the conversation. More than that though, I was thinking about some of the commentary on my new book You Can Make Him Like You, which I am supposed to hype, yes?

Totally. Be subtle maybe, don't look desperate or sad and don't be too grandiose despite the initial reviews, but yes hype, must hype.

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