Monday, May 9, 2011

A Nothing or Next to Nothing review intersection of sorts.

Excited for Nothing or Next to Nothing by TBWCYL, Inc. favorite Barry Graham we are. And when we see a rocking review of it by another TBWCYL, Inc. favorite, in this case the Lavinia Ludlow, even more excitement there is. Loads of excitement in fact. Waves. And buckets. Check it.

"Barry’s stories tend to read like bizzaro Twain or Steinbeck, but they seem believable because of his talent to write in grotesque detail. Some of his scenes made me shiver and crave a scalding hot bath with many bars of soap, maybe, to just wash out my eyes. But as vulgar as everything was, I think there’s a closet romantic lurking inside Graham’s rough-around-the-edges-tough-guy fa├žade and it definitely bubbles up from the caverns of his subconscious and emerges in his writing."

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