Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Can Make Him Like You Barrelhouse interview love.

Big crazy Andre the Giant hugs and thank yous to Barrelhouse and the always stellar Lauryn Allison for interviewing TBWCYL, Inc. spokesperson Ben Tanzer about a number of things including, but not limited to You Can Make Him Like You, moms, kids, writing, cookies, Cuban sandwiches and being nice, yes, weird we know, but awesome and much appreciated. Please do check it out and please don't hesitate to enjoy some excerpt.

BH: I’m curious about how having kids shapes your writing process.

BT: I’m really drawn to writer-dad dudes, writer-mom chicks, too, but I do have a thing for dads who make art. Again, my dad was a painter, a tortured artist in ways, so I’m really drawn to people who are trying to do everything. And I’m biased, which is something I always say when I’m blogging and writing reviews of people’s books. Don’t treat anything I say as an honest, intellectual critique; I don’t do that. I’m a total fanboy. So, if you’re a dad writer, or I’m attracted to you or what your doing, that’s going to bias what I say about your book, or your movie, or whatever. It’s just without question. But there are certain things I really react to, so if you tell me you’ve got a day job and you’re writing at two in the morning? Man, I mean, I’m in love you with. That’s someone I want to spend time with.

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