Sunday, April 10, 2011

"A not-at-all biased review." You Can Make Him Like You gets Vinnie the Vole'd. And likes it. A lot.

Much appreciation to Vinnie the Vole and TBWCYL, Inc. favorite Mark S. Brand for the quite fine words, not to mention the Judy Blume comparison, in their review of You Can Make Him Like You. Many drinks soon. And big thanks.

"The best way to describe the book, without ruining it for you, is to say it’s like
Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret or Then Again, Maybe I Won’t for new dads. Or one of those other Judy Blume books that you discovered right about the time you started to get acne and notice members of the opposite sex, and books like that made you think holy shit, someone else did go through this before, and they lived to tell about it, and not only are they telling about it, they’re telling the TRUTH about it, which is even more crucial. I kept thinking as I was reading it: this should be required reading for new dads, no, expectant dads… no, all men"

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