Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Exceedingly close to a perfect capture of life’s asymptotes." You Can Make Him Like You gets NewPages'd. And likes it. A lot.

Uhmm, wow, we don't know Jeremy Benson personally, but we think, no strike that, know for certain, he is out newest BFF, and maybe we open this post like that, or is it this, joking, almost flip, but not really, not purposefully, because of how much we appreciate, that may not even be right, his fantastic review of You Can Make Him Like You at, and are embarrassed, or maybe it self-conscious in some way about his reaction. Certainly, its all or some of that, and we are appreciative, so, uhmm, wow, and drinks on us Jeremy, whenever, wherever, yes, for sure.

"This is life after all, something the whole of us are fairly familiar with already, and in You Can Make Him Like You, Tanzer comes exceedingly close to a perfect capture of life’s asymptotes, with help from the Hold Steady and Arnett or not."

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