Friday, April 22, 2011

A double-dose of Hosho McCreesh.

We are big fans of writer Hosho McCreesh, see the quite fine Sunlight at Midnight, Darkness at Noon from the Orange Alert, and we think you should be as well. Did that sound pushy? Fine, because we believe that said fanhood just might change your life. So, what's the first step? Check out his new website, something you can do here, or here, and second, join us in reveling in Hosho's quite fine and crazily appreciated review of You Can Make Him Like You at the Goodreads, which has most definitely changed our lives. Big thanks Hosho and drinks on us whenever it is we get out to the desert you call home.

"Tanzer's best book to date, YCMHLY perfectly captures the Pop-infused wants and worries of both serious relationships, and having a first child. Breezy and entertaining, Tanzer delivers a weighty emotional journey, but one that never tumbles into melodrama--a very easy book to relate to and enjoy. "

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