Tuesday, March 1, 2011

M. Chandler Rodbro "Liar's Inn" debut awesomeness.

Long time friend of TBWCYL, Inc. M. Chandler Rodbro has published his first story "Liar's Inn" at The Molotov Cocktail and we couldn't be prouder or more excited for him. Please do take a look, please enjoy the below excerpt, and when you next talk to him please be sure to congratulate him. And then buy him a drink of course.

"And then she was gone. The man took her to a shelter for young mothers. He told her he had volunteered there with his church group. He gave her a fifty dollar bill. She was back before dark with a bottle. Somewhere the family said a prayer of hope for the poor pregnant girl while we sat feeling victorious and drinking bourbon in the dark. Things were different then. We still had things left to uncover about one another; we still had potential."

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