Friday, March 18, 2011

Artistically Declined. Antlered Birds. And the opporunity to win a signed copy of You Can Make Him Like You? Yes, all of that.

From the home office of Artistically Declined:

"If there's one thing we learned at AWP beside the fact that people love the new logo, it's that people want that awesome antlered bird to have a name. Well, now's YOUR chance to name the ADP bird and win a signed copy of Ben Tanzer's You Can Make Him Like You at the same time! Email your name and address to artisticallydeclined[at]gmail[dot]com along with what you think we should name our mascot/logo/icon. The winning name will be chosen by Ben Tanzer and ADP and announced on April 1."

Cool, right? Totally, so please do hit that, or this, if that's you preference.

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