Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We are so The Velvet Podcast.

It's true we are quite The Velvet Podcast today, and yes, its true, we are hoping to land a coveted podcastee role on the show, but does that mean you shouldn't be listening as well, all the time, with the possibility that doing so just may change your life? It does not, so go, go now, and if you just happen to run into TBWCYL, Inc. favorite and Velvet Podcast host Caleb J. Ross along the way please do mention that we sent you. Thanks.


Caleb J Ross said...

Many thanks! You are the best. AWP can't come quick enough. I'm thinking of cool ways to duel the podcasts.

TBWCYL, Inc. said...

Done, and we look way forward to the duel.