Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We are so Metazen. And Taking Flight. Wonderbar.

Quite geeked we are to have our new joint "Taking Flight" up at the Metazen. "Taking Flight" is the first of a series of pieces we have been working on that are set in Chicago and were referenced to and dissected in 99 Problems. We hope you dig it. We also hope, no think, it could change your life, so for a literary appetizer of sorts please do enjoy the brief excerpt below.

It starts on Facebook, and why does everything start there now? You suppose you’re too old to understand it, just as you have no idea why you signed-up in the first place. You’re not actually interested in what anyone from high school is doing, how many kids they have or how much they love Jesus. You don’t want their gifts or care about the farm they’re building. There is a reason why you live nowhere near home and haven’t, there was a bigger world out there, a world where new memories could be made and the old ones could be left behind and packed away."

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