Sunday, January 16, 2011

This (chap) Book Will Change Your Life - to the river by Rose Hunter.

We suppose it's impossible not to project one's own stuff onto the poems from to the river by Rose Hunter, poems about location, travel, escape and memories, poems that focus on the feeling of now even as they look back to touchstones from the past, and yes, we know, this is about one woman's journey and all the things such journey's might entail, work, discovery, relationships, and so on, but as you read it, as we read it anyway, you can't help but think, is she running from something or to something, what is the state of her past relationships, be they with her mother, men or home, what do the threads of violence mean, and then you pause and you think, is this reaction about the author, who's out their grabbing nuggets and spinning them into something new and complicated and beautiful, or is about you, us, and all the things you, we, have run from, and continue to run from, and the wonder you, we, have about what it would look like to just go, here, there, everywhere, now, always on a journey and always capturing whatever is going on around you, we, on paper and in words, endlessly cascading words, no longer at home, even as we reach back to it in everything new thing we see and do.


JR's Thumbprints said...

To be engaged in the reading, to reflect on each word, each thought, that's what it's all about.

Ben Tanzer said...

Well said, sometimes its all anything is about.