Monday, January 10, 2011

Holy Freight'd Bosworth.

There will be more Bosworth. It will be Freight. It will come from Folded Word. And we will rejoice. But until then we will enjoy an excerpt titled "I Found" that Vol. 1 Brooklyn ran as part of their Sunday Stories Series, which is in turn excerpted itself below for those of you who just can't wait. And yes we know who we are.

"I found her in a white tee shirt that was too big for her. The collar was all stretched out. Her neck was thin and pale. Her hair was short and blonde. She was sitting on a dirty carpet. She had ashes on her cheeks—thumb-smudged, a game. She was drunk, young, and laughing. She was surrounded by summertime friends."


Mel Bosworth said...

damn, tanz. thanks, brotha.

Ben Tanzer said...

Hot damn, and de nada good sir. Our pleasure.